January, 2012

Early Book Release

A couple of snaps of the book on the shelves at Barnes & Noble in New York, ahead of the official release on February 1st.


At Barnes & Noble in Tribeca



How I Got My Wiggle Back

If you’re over five, without children and live in a dark cave you probably don’t know that The Wiggles are the most successful pop band for preschool age children of all time.

While studying to be a preschool teacher in Australia, Anthony Field (the Blue Wiggle) recruited a couple of fellow early childhood education students— singer Greg Page (Yellow), guitarist Murray Cook (Red), and a mate from his old rock ‘n’ roll group, keyboardist Jeff Fatt (Purple)—to record a little music for children and the rest, as The Wiggles’ character Dorothy the Dinosaur might say, is pre-history.

But for the record, they have dominated children’s music in Australia for two decades and since the turn of the century have done a good job of making an Australian accent a common phenomenon in North American and British households with preschool age children. Read more →


G’day everyone,

Welcome to the site. We’re still in the process of putting it together but hopefully there will be a bit of everything here when we’re done, from a little backstage news about The Wiggles to updates about other projects, and I’d love to share a little news from time to time about my family. Read more →