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G’Day everyone!

I’ve just started a twitter account. You can find me at



  • Joanne on Apr 10, 2012 Reply

    You are the Greatest, best entertainer out. My boy’s adore you. They love the wiggle’s but your their favorite. Remember one concert, we were at the back on the floor. And all you guy’s were leaving the stage, we called out Anthony and you actually stopped and waited to greet us. You made my son’s day, we will never forget that. By the way his name is Anthony too. And i named him that after St Anthony, cause i’m always preying to him. We will see you this Sunday the 16th in Melbourne, we will be in the 8th row. Look out for us!

  • rog on Mar 25, 2012 Reply

    Hi… I would like to post you something.. give me a bell when you have a minute.. cheers ‘rog’

  • JESSIE on Mar 05, 2012 Reply

    That’s wonderful. I had one but never used it…but I will now!
    You are the greatest thing that has happened to this world in the past 50 years. Love you always ANTO…always on your side…supporting
    you all the way…through good times and bad.
    God bless, JESSIE

  • Beverly on Mar 05, 2012 Reply


  • Jena on Mar 05, 2012 Reply

    you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!

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