Body Mechanics and Pain

What is worth more. A 2 carrot diamond ring or 2 tickets to the Big Day Out concert?
I know some teenagers would say the music concert, it’s all relative. Well how about this one, what is worth more, You or your Car? Easy right, You are worth much more than your car. Then why would you regularly maintain your car in fear that it might break down and neglect the possibility that your body may break down? Just like your car, your body also needs periodic tune-ups. Even though you may not need a major overhaul like Anthony did, it is still very wise to get your spine and body check up by an experienced and knowledgeable chiropractor. Let’s take your car for example. If you neglect to service your car, then it’s more likely to break down, or even worse you could get a flat battery or ruined engine. Small problems can quickly escalate to become bigger issues. By not looking after your car along the way, you increase the likelihood of sustaining irreparable damage, which means that eventually you’ll be forced to look at getting yourself a new one. At least you can always buy a new car… but it’s not the same with your body. Sure you can always wait till things get bad enough and get a total knee construction, prosthetic vertebral disc or other such surgeries. But who would want to go through that sort of pain and hassle when it can be prevented in most instances.

It’s easy with a car, just book it in for regular mechanical services, pump up the tyres when they need it, check the oil every so often, and always keep the tank filled with petrol, then you are almost guaranteeing your car will drive you everywhere you want to go without any hassles. Yes it gets expensive, sometimes very expensive…but you do it …right. Your forced into maintaining your car by having a pink slip on cars over 3 years old. You wouldn’t be able to have your car registered without it. It’s called forced maintenance!

Now think about how you treat your body. Have you serviced your body correctly throughout your life? Have you kept good posture, eaten good food, and exercised a little? Have you regularly checked to see whether your spine and nervous system needed a tune-up?

No one is forcing you to do it is there? Your mum? No Your dad? No. Yeah they might nag at you about keeping good posture and saying things like “Are you looking after yourself…you look tired and over worked” And your response is “Yeah, yeah, I will when I get some time off”. Never happens does it.

Maybe our health care system should be set up differently, and instead of being built up around sickness and disease it actually encouraged and incentivised people to take care of themselves. Prevention! Good self care! We would be a much healthier society, more vitality, more energy, more happiness and less of the other stuff like disease, sickness and depression.

But things aren’t set up that way…not yet anyway…so make the best of the situation and the time that you have been given and GET UP, GET ACTIVE and START LOOKING AFTER YOURSELF. Sorry to shout J but I care for you all and would love for you to be healthy and happy by looking after your personal wellbeing. We live in one of the most beautiful and lucky countries in the world, start enjoying it more with a healthier body, mind and lifestyle.

I’ve had many clients over the years that have come to see me after their body has broken down, asking me to help get it going again. Yes, I can help get you started and back on the road. In fact, people usually start feeling better very quickly after starting with some care. But imagine just how much better it would have been for all of those people if they had regularly checked in with a chiropractor throughout their lives. Imagine if they had exercised regularly, ate food that nourished them, kept great posture and kept their stress-levels in check. How different would their lives be? One thing I know for certain is that they would not need such intensive care to get them out of pain. I know that a regularly serviced body stays on the road.

So now is your time to start feeling better and get involved in your personal health care revolution. I’m here if you need me but there is so much you can do already, on your own. Wellness awaits you just on the other side.

Stay well and stay happy.

But for now I will end it here and wish you all the very best in your journey through life. Please feel free to call or contact me via email on or visit our centre in Sydney. Petrozzi Wellness Centre 183 Norton Street Leichhardt.

Your coach,

John Petrozzi
Holistic Chiropractor



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John Petrozzi is a holistic chiropractor who has worked with The Wiggles performers and touring group since about 2000. Specifically John has been able to help Anthony get over his bouts of back pain and get him back on stage and performing again. The wiggles dancers would often line up back stage for treatments before and after shows when on tour, otherwise they would visit him in his Sydney practice when not touring. His holistic chiropractic approach encompasses peak body and spinal performance as well as keeping in mind the emotional state of the person and nutritional persuasions. He is a great source of information for people seeking to fast track their health.


  • john_petrozzi on Mar 29, 2012 Reply

    Thanks Sandi, I love what you and Dr G are doing over there in the USA! Let’s get ‘em healthy!!

  • SANDI G on Mar 29, 2012 Reply

    Hi Johnnie! Boy you really hit the nail on the head. Great piece.

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