Performance Enhancement…naturally

You may have heard about performance enhancing drugs such as EPO, steroids, growth hormone and testosterone injections. Professional athletic organizations and peak bodies such as the International Olympic Committee have banned sports people from taking these substances because it gave the user an unfair advantage over his or her fellow competitors.“Right now, just imagine for a moment how good your body would feel with no pain, no heaviness, a lean and strong body, a positive mind and healthy relationships in your life”

What if you could improve how you feel, improve your energy levels, and improve your metabolism safely without drugs just like Anthony has done? Many people who have come to our centre have commented on such improvements to their health. You need to be ready for the change and make an effort to rearrange your life habits and addictions to achieve your results.

Right now, just imagine for a moment how good your body would feel with no pain, no heaviness, a lean and strong body, a positive mind and healthy relationships in your life. Just close your eyes for a moment and drift off with those thoughts…

The truth is that if you can feel all those great things in your mind and keep motivated by those feelings throughout the day then you will be more likely to achieve your health and life goals. Give yourself the time to just drift off and feel those feelings more. For you cynical type it may be a bit harder because you are so stuck in your head and in your thoughts. But the truth is that motivation and inspiration is so much easier to generate and sustain if you start to feel more from your heart. Feel the benefits of loosing weight, feel the benefits of eating a healthy proportioned meal feel the benefits of having more energy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more free time, more holidays, more excitement and fun. Well all of this is attainable if you wanted those sort of things. A healthier body, mind and diet will give you the energy, vitality and strength to enjoy life more fully. Take the time out of your busy and cluttered day to close your eyes and imagine the things that you want to experience more of in life. Travel, time with your kids, abundance of money, loving relationships. Your feelings will be a stronger motivator and source of inspiration that just setting yourself a target of ‘loosing a few kilos’ or ‘lowering my cholesterol’.

What can we offer you?

Our team of holistic chiropractors, wellness psychologists, integrative medicine practitioners and life coaches have helped many people get more performance from their body through natural care without using performance enhancing drugs.

Your body is the best pharmacy you will ever find. It produces millions of chemicals, cells and molecules every second of the day. Our centre has a unique method of evaluating and helping people achieve better performance from their body and improve their feeling of wellness by making the body work closer to its potential.

If you feel like you are not happy with how your body is performing at the moment, or  you’re feeling pain, suffering headaches and recurring injuries? Then I encourage you to take the first step today and phone our office for an appointment.


But for now I will end it here and wish you all the very best in your journey through life. Please feel free to call or contact me via email on or visit our centre in Sydney. Petrozzi Wellness Centre 183 Norton Street Leichhardt.

Your coach,

John Petrozzi
Holistic Chiropractor



(02) 9518 0096


John Petrozzi is a holistic chiropractor who has worked with The Wiggles performers and touring group since about 2000. Specifically John has been able to help Anthony get over his bouts of back pain and get him back on stage and performing again. The wiggles dancers would often line up back stage for treatments before and after shows when on tour, otherwise they would visit him in his Sydney practice when not touring. His holistic chiropractic approach encompasses peak body and spinal performance as well as keeping in mind the emotional state of the person and nutritional persuasions. He is a great source of information for people seeking to fast track their health.

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