CNN Interview with Shannon Cook

G’day everyone!

Here is an interview I did with CNN’s Shannon Cook earlier in the year talking about my battle with depression and ill-health.

ABC Books Advertisement

G’day everyone,
Here’s a promo that ABC Books aired recently to advertise the release of ‘How I Got My Wiggle Back’ in Australia.

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Anthony’s Exercise no.2

Another great exercise for the bar. Read more →

Anthony’s Exercise no.1

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Body Mechanics and Pain

What is worth more. A 2 carrot diamond ring or 2 tickets to the Big Day Out concert?
I know some teenagers would say the music concert, it’s all relative. Well how about this one, what is worth more, You or your Car? Easy right, You are worth much more than your car. Then why would you regularly maintain your car in fear that it might break down and neglect the possibility that your body may break down? Read more →

Interview on ABC Radio

G’Day everyone,

I’ve just had an interview on The Guestroom, ABC Radio. Check it out!


New York

Wow, what a couple of days!
Fly to New York for 48 hours of publicity for the book then back to Australia to start shooting a new Wiggles DVD. I think that qualifies as a long commute.  Read more →

Anthony Field on Twitter

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I’ve just started a twitter account. You can find me at


Performance Enhancement…naturally

You may have heard about performance enhancing drugs such as EPO, steroids, growth hormone and testosterone injections. Professional athletic organizations and peak bodies such as the International Olympic Committee have banned sports people from taking these substances because it gave the user an unfair advantage over his or her fellow competitors. Read more →

Interview On The Today Show

G’day everyone!

Earlier this morning I did an interview on Channel 9′s Today Show on how I overcame depression and a life-threatening illness. It should be noted that this interview is aimed at an adult audience.

To watch the interview, click here.