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Your body is an amazing self-healing and self-regenerating miracle. Capable of regenerating after a wound, healing from traumatic events, repairing a broken bone, completely recovering from cancer and the list goes on. In this article I would like to shine some light on the amazing self-healing capacity of the body and how you can age radiantly. Anthony Field in his book has outlined his journey of recovery and healing and this article will explain the reasons why you too can heal. Read more →

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It was great to hear How I Got My Wiggle Back hit the shelves in North American bookstores this week. The book has been warmly received by the chiropractic community and our bookstall at an event in Las Vegas last week sold out in a few hours.

As you know, chiropractors have been central to a turnaround in my health and well-being in recent years, to the point I’m fitter at age 48 than ever before in my life. Hopefully some of the chiros who have helped me over the years will be posting some of their insights on this site. James Stoxen (the human spring doctor) and Rich Gringeri (the human engine doctor) have developed unique methods for diagnosing and treating chronic pain and recurring ailments including digestive issues. You’ll get to meet them here and see what they do. My good buddy in Sydney, Johnny Petrozzi is also a leading chiropractor and is behind a holistic, non-drug wellness program that will improve lives. He’ll be passing on a few of his thoughts here too.


Early Book Release

A couple of snaps of the book on the shelves at Barnes & Noble in New York, ahead of the official release on February 1st.


At Barnes & Noble in Tribeca



How I Got My Wiggle Back

If you’re over five, without children and live in a dark cave you probably don’t know that The Wiggles are the most successful pop band for preschool age children of all time.

While studying to be a preschool teacher in Australia, Anthony Field (the Blue Wiggle) recruited a couple of fellow early childhood education students— singer Greg Page (Yellow), guitarist Murray Cook (Red), and a mate from his old rock ‘n’ roll group, keyboardist Jeff Fatt (Purple)—to record a little music for children and the rest, as The Wiggles’ character Dorothy the Dinosaur might say, is pre-history.

But for the record, they have dominated children’s music in Australia for two decades and since the turn of the century have done a good job of making an Australian accent a common phenomenon in North American and British households with preschool age children. Read more →


G’day everyone,

Welcome to the site. We’re still in the process of putting it together but hopefully there will be a bit of everything here when we’re done, from a little backstage news about The Wiggles to updates about other projects, and I’d love to share a little news from time to time about my family. Read more →